Meet Melissa


Hi, I’m Melissa Drake.
Travel junkie, storyteller, lover of red lipstick, cocktail aficionado & scruffy puppy rescuer.

I'm fearlessly navigating my way through this adventure we call life. And Along the way, I’m sharing my travel adventures, humorous life experiences and style.

Letting the Universe be my guide, I hope to be an inspiration to some and a friend to all. So without further ado . . . LET'S GO!

- Melissa Drake

So we can get better acquainted, here’s a little Q & A and quick facts about me:

1.  Where do you live?

Remember I promised you a “plot twist?”  Earlier this year, I fearlessly quit my J-O-B (read more about it here), sold my house and rented a storage for my furniture in exchange for a life more fulfilling.  Completely Crazy, right?  Currently, I’m nomadic and you can catch me traveling the world.

2.  Where are you from?

Short answer:  I seriously don’t know where I’m from (Real Life).

Long Answer:   I can hear it now, “How do you not know where you are from?”  Weeeeeeeeell, I don’t.  Honestly every time someone asks me that question, I cringe a little inside because I never know how to answer that question.  So, I just respond with whatever I’m personally vibe-ing with more that day.  Truth is, I spent a good portion of my life in Kansas and another good portion in Louisiana.  Sooooo, where does that make me from?

3.  I’m that annoyingly happy person in the morning

Yup, I’m that girl.

End of story. Period.

4.  I once crashed a wedding & a celebrity called me out on it

True story; however, I’ll tell you more about it later.  Just know that it happened

5.  I don’t get bit by mosquitos

Yup, you read that correctly.  I don’t (really) get bit by mosquitos.  .  .  and it’s pretty f’ing AWESOME!  Not sure why, but I’ve only met one other person like me.  #UnicornStatus   I once was dared to sit outside in the middle of a hot and humid Texas summer evening to prove to my best friend, Chameka that this was a real thing.  Needless say, I won unscathed and she didn’t fare to well.  I’ve Googled this phenomenon and the best answer I could find was there’s a chemical in my blood that mosquitos just aren’t interested in.  Oh, well.  Definitely not mad at it. Glad they don’t find me tasty.

6.  I haven’t shaved my legs in over 5 years

I don’t grow hair on my legs.  On my head, yes.  On my legs, no.  My mom and my dad are the same way.  We don’t grow leg hair.  And it’s AWESOME!

7.  I’m OBSESSED with Jeopardy

Dear Alex Trebek, I need to meet you and I need to be a contestant on Jeopardy.  Everyday, I watch Jeopardy.  Just know when Jeopardy is on, it gets serious.  No one is allowed to speak until commercial break.  I need all the silence and concentration I can get to answer those hard ass questions.

8.  No matter how old my dog gets, I will always call her my “puppy”. 

Ya’ll my little baby girl dog, Venus is old.  But she’s sooooo freak’n scruffy and cute.  Despite being a few dog years away from earning her AARP card, Venus is still small and puppy sized.  And due to my wonderful parenting techniques, she embarrassingly still does some puppy things.  So, she’s my puppy.

9.  I HATE ketchup

And don’t even get me started on mayo either.  In all fairness, this disgust can easily be traced back to my previous childhood ketchup allergy.  Team Mustard on my fries all day everyday!

10.  I Google everything

I seriously Google EV-ER-REE-THANG!  I really should look at buying shares of Google.  Just know if I randomly break out my phone during a conversation, chances are I’m probably Googling something.  Not sure if it’s an unquenchable thirst for knowledge or an addiction.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

Mark Twain

resplendently living by melissa drake