Hey Hey!  Welcome to Resplendently Living.  I'm soooooo excited you are here!   I'm Melissa, a quirky, goofy, nerdy, (often) sarcastic, introverted-extroverted, Pisces.  A southern transplant, by way of the midwest, with a previous stop-over in Louisiana who harbors a strong reluctance for knowingly engaging in cognizant fitness; however, I've recently managed to run 2 half-marathons (yes, that's 13.1 miles each).  Go figure!  I sincerely hope you LOVE reading Resplendently Living as much as I LOVE creating it!

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3 Quick Facts:  
Birthday:  Pi Day (Translation:  3.14 (Further translation:  March 14th)  //  Useless Trivia Genius who's life goal is to appear on Jeopardy  //  I can pack for 10-days in a carry-on (BOOM!)


Location: Houston, TX  //  What do you do when you aren't blogging?  I have the extreme fortune of working as a Sales Director with Nfinity Athletic, LLC.  //  What camera do you use?  Nikon 3300 DSLR  //  Why Did You Start Blogging?  I created ResplendentlyLiving.com as a fun creative place to share my crazy adventures, travel experiences, personal style, life and more!  //  What about the name of your blog?  What does it mean?  Honestly, I've always been a fan of the word "Resplendent."  Dictionary.com defines the word "Resplendent" as:  [ri-splen-duh nt]  adjective  1.  shining brilliantly; gleaming; splendid

Quite simply:  Never be afraid to shine!  Live your best life!

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Sooooo, "we" crashed a wedding.  This was always (very jokingly) a staple on my bucket list, but never in a million years did I think I'd be accidentally crashing a wedding.  Not just any wedding but a celebrity wedding.  Before you get any wrong ideas, let me just go on record that this was a total accident.  I swear (Scouts Honor and all that jazz.) So, let's get down to basics:  Who, what, when and where?