Does it Hurt?  The Truth About Microblading Eyebrows

Image of Does it Hurt? The Truth About Microblading Eyebrows

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Sooooooo, everyone wants to know, “Did it hurt?”  In short, “Yes, like Hell!” (to be exact)

Sooooooo, Do I love it?  Absolutely!

In case we don’t know each other or you are new to Resplendently Living, “Hi and Welcome!”

Image of Resplendently Living Melissa Before Picture The Truth About Microblading Eyebrows
Before // My Struggle Brows (about 9 months of growth)

My name is Melissa and I was the Mayor of No Eye Brows-ville before I was microbladed.   Having my eyebrows microbladed has changed my life.

My Journey Struggle:  No Eyebrows

Growing up and as long as I can remember, my eyebrows have NEVER been thick, full, caterpillar-like, unibrowed or out of control.  And in recent years, my eyebrows have began moving towards retirement.  Most women get the eyebrows waxed or threaded every 6-8 weeks.  I was more like every 6-8 months.  It was so bad that I kept having to re-introduce myself to my eyebrow lady each time we had our appointment 1/year appointment.  I know she thought I was a new customer every time.  It was seriously Ground Hog day every time.  Talk about awkward.

In fact, over the years, having thin eyebrows hasn’t been much of a problem.  Most of my teen and young adult years were spent in the 90’s and early 00’s (yes, I’m old.  Moving on . . .)  During this time, thin eyebrows were in and I was naturally on-trend.  But as time progressed and trends change and thicker eyebrows have come into vogue.  My friends that were over tweezing their eyebrows in high school and college have rebounded just fine.  I still have naturally thin and sparse eyebrows.

So what’s the big deal?  You can always pencil them in, right?  Yes, but every girl that has thin eyebrows knows the struggle.  It’s the struggle of praying to the eyebrow gods each day for favor in hopes that today, you will have a “Good Eyebrow Penciling Day”.  You pray that they will match each other in size, height, thickness and believability.   You pray that they will be like bookends or twins and not distant cousins 2x’s removed.  This was my daily struggle.  Once they finally matched, you made sure to stay away from any source of heat, humidity, perspiration or any other act of nature that could instantly divorce you from the artwork that are now your eyebrows.

What is Microblading?

A semi-permeant make-up technique.  Microblading employs the use of a hand-tool that holds about 6-14 needles.  Those needles are simultaneously used to drop pigment into the skin’s basel membrane while making individual strokes.  These individual strokes simulate hair strands of the eyebrow.

Sounds A Lot Like Tattooing.  What’s the Difference?

There is a big difference.  Tattoos use ink/microblading uses pigment.  The consistency of ink is watery compared to the pigments used in microblading.  Ink tends to move under the skin causing the strokes not be as clear and crisp as a microblading pigment.  Tattooing is executed with an electric needle/microblading uses a microblading pen with multiple needles.  Strokes will be clearer and more defined with a microblading pen vs and electric needle.

That’s Great But What are the Benefits?

Great brow days EVERYDAY!  Seriously, who can’t get excited about that?  Now you can truly sing along, in good faith, with Beyonce when she says, “I woke up like this!”  Not to mention, the tools you previously used everyday to fill your brows in can now take a backseat.  I only fill my brows in when I want to and not because I need to.

The Process:

Numb, ouch, ouch, ouch, numb, ouuuuuuuuuch and done!

That’s pretty much it!  I kid, I kid.  As a disclaimer, I must admit that I have a very weirdly low tolerance for pain.  With that in mind . . . it hurt.

A topical numbing agent was placed on my brows for a period of time.  After, my eyebrows were thoroughly examined and measured to find the perfect arch, shape and thickness for my face and bone structure.  To insure accurate measurements, a special ruler was placed on my forehead (and would remain there for the duration of the procedure).  My new brows were temporarily drawn on my face.  After I confirmed the shape, it was showtime.Image of Resplendently Living Melissa Being Measured by Michelle The Truth About Microblading Eyebrows

Image of Resplendently Living Melissa being microbladed in the Truth About Microblading EyebrowsThere were 2 rounds of microblading.  With each round being very very similar in execution.  Individual strokes were made to mimic my eyebrow hair strands.  Annnnnnnnnnnnd I’m not gonna lie, this really hurt.  The best way I can describe the feeling is if someone cut you and kept scraping that cut over and over again.  Once Round 1 was done, we rested (and I needed it too).  I was able to view the progress and adjustments could be made if needed.  Despite the pain, at this point I was ALL SMILES.  Round 2 consisted of additional numbing cream and more individual microblading strokes.

Image of Resplendently Living Melissa Being Measured by Michelle The Truth About Microblading Eyebrows

That day, lemme tell you, I was too excited!  I wanted to go everywhere with my new eyebrows.  Sadly, I only managed to hit up the grocery store.  So sad!

Image of Resplendently Living Melissa checking out her new eyebrows in The Truth About Microblading Eyebrows

Image of Resplendently Living Melissa immediately after microblading in The Truth About Microblading Eyebrows


Roughly, 2 hours

After Care:  The First 7-14 Days

For the best results, these tips were given to me by my make-up artist:

  • Gently use clean fingertips to cleanse eyebrows with anti-bacterial soap, pat dry and apply A&D ointment sparingly to microbladed area.
  • Do not wash your face in the shower.  Instead wash your face either before your shower or 1 1/2 hours after you’ve showered.  Heat from the shower cause the pores to open and become prone to pigment loss.
  • If a scab or crust forms, DO NOT pick it.  Instead allow it to flake off naturally.

*Please consult with your artist for best results

How Often is Microblading Needed for My Eyebrows?

A color boost may or may not be needed within the first 3 months of microblading.  But with proper care and maintenance, untouched (non-color boosted) microblading can easily last 12-18 months.



Things to Remember:

1.  Do Your Research

I cannot stress this enough.  Although Microblading is a semi-permeant process, it’s still permeant enough.  Unfortunately, a large chunk of Michelle’s business is correction work.  Currently, a person with a tattoo license (this includes nail salons) is able to legally perform microblading.  As previously discussed, microblading is very different from tattooing.

2.  Cheaper Isn’t Always as Nice

Honestly, sometimes you get what you pay for.  Be very cautious of low-priced microblading services or places with just stock photos of microblading.  You need to see the work done on actual clients.

*Remember, a large majority of Michelle’s work includes corrections services.

3.  Clouding

There’s this phenomena called “Clouding”.  I am so glad Michelle gave me the heads up because I would have been freaking out.  Clouding occurs primarily in ladies of color but can happen with anyone.  Clouding is when your microblading strokes begin disappearing within your first 2 weeks of the procedure.  Then after a few days, they magically begin to reappear.  It’s very weird but could happen.

4.  Share This Post

If you found this informative, please share.  Sharing is caring and I hope my experience helps anyone considering this procedure.  🙂

-XOXO Melissa

Image of Resplendently Living Melissa After 1 week The Truth About Microblading Eyebrows
After (1 Week)
Image of Resplendently Living Melissa After 1 week The Truth About Microblading Eyebrows
After (1 Week)
Additional Information:

*Microblading:  Beso Make-up by Michelle Martinez

*Worth Noting:  Michelle Martinez of Beso Makeup has the distinction of owning the 1st school that is accredited by the State of Louisiana.  She travels between Houston from Metairie every few months.

“Jesus Be a . . . ” Series

Being a girl is hard work (holla if you hear me!). Being a girly girl in the 21st century is even harder. Guys have absolutely no idea how hard it is to be “natural” and “flawless”.  Let’s be honest, their routine consists of a haircut, trimming an occasional nose hair, a shower and deciding between wearing black or brown shoes.  Besides that, they are pretty much GTG (Good To Go).

While we are being honest, there is A LOT of behind the scenes work that makes all of this “natural” and “flawless” female facade possible. Am I bitter? Am I jealous of our male counterparts?  Absolutely not.  I love being a woman.  We are awesome creatures who can do and achieve things of unimaginable caliber.  As females, we don’t always share our beauty secrets and sometimes we are too embarrassed to ask inquire about something.  In the “Jesus Be a…” Series, I’ll share my top secret tips, explore some new ones and dispel a few myths along the way. This way, we can all look and feel good together!!!

Cost scale:
$….. $75 and under
$$….. $75-150
$$$….. $151-350
$$$$….. $351 & Up


  • by Jacki
    Posted 03.07.2017 7:05 pm 0Likes

    Your eyebrows looks great!! I had no idea of the pain but I guess I should’ve expected it. I’m seriously contemplating getting this done

    • by resplendentlymelissa
      Posted 03.07.2017 7:18 pm 0Likes

      I’m such a baby when it comes to pain. I have a ridiculously low tolerance. Honestly, the level of pain varies from person to person. But I will tell you that I absolutely LOVE my eyebrows. If you are seriously considering it, go for it!

  • by Kiki Davies
    Posted 03.07.2017 11:37 pm 0Likes

    So glad I came across this post! I’m having it done in the next couple of weeks. Looks great on you!

    • by resplendentlymelissa
      Posted 03.08.2017 3:49 pm 0Likes

      Yea! So glad you enjoyed it! You are going to love your new eyebrows!!!

  • by Kimberly
    Posted 03.08.2017 11:00 am 0Likes

    That looks so good! I have been thinking about getting mine done too! I was like you and got lazy and only had mine waxed like every six months. ?

  • by Kristen
    Posted 03.08.2017 11:58 am 0Likes

    They look so good! I wonder about getting it for myself too, thanks for your review- it’s the best one I’ve read!

    • by resplendentlymelissa
      Posted 03.08.2017 3:51 pm 0Likes

      Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it and hopefully it helped with you decision. Despite my extremely low tolerance for pain, I love my new eyebrows!!!!

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