5 Sure Fire Ways to Upgrade a Boring Date Night

Ways to Upgrade a Boring Date Night

Valentine’s Day Upgrade!!!!

Every Valentine’s Day, I’m faced with the decision of romantic date vs. fun date.  For me, I typically air on the side of fun.  This Valentine’s Day, we are giving old fashioned and traditional dates a much needed upgrade with 5 Sure Fire Ways to Upgrade a Boring Date Night.

Ways to Upgrade a Boring Date Night

Bowling:  Not Your Daddy’s Friday Night League

  • This is definitely not your Daddy’s league.  No bowling shirts, polyester, wrist protectors and fried concession stand food allowed!  Only delicious alcoholic libations, wagyu beef, artisanal cheese boards and hip-hop music.  For an upgrade, try these:  Bowl and Barrel, Lucky Strike & Bowlmor

Movies:  Bye, Dark and Sticky Floors

  • Ugh, don’t you just hate the dark sticky abyss of a movie theater?  Me too!  Dinner and a Movie the new way.  Say “hello” to reserved seating, seat attendants, gourmet food menus and comfy chairs that recline Lazy Boy style.  For an upgrade, try these:  iPic Theaters, Sundance Cinemas, Studio Movie Grill

Theater:  Of All the Gin Joints . . . 

  • “To be or not to be?”  Take a break from Shakespeare, Fosse and Andrew Lloyd Webber at a Supper Club.  Speakeasy style experience infused with Vaudeville skits and racy burlesque numbers.  Drinks are all handmade and poured to era-specific perfection by gifted mixologists.  No vodka red bull here.  For an upgrade, try this:  Prohibition Supper Club

Biking:  Sharing is Caring

  • Try seeing your city from a different view plus get a little cardio in too!  Peddle your way through the sites of  your town with the one you love. For an upgrade, try this:  BCycle (Houston only) *Check your city for a similar bike share program.

Top Golf:  Fore!

  • Don’t know how to play golf?  No problem!  Can’t tell the difference between birdie, bogie and par?  No problem!  Golf clubs and pros provided at this multi-level fun fest.  Closest to the target wins.  Think darts.  For an upgrade, try this:  Top Golf
    • Bonus:  Try the Tipsy Arnold Palmer.  Guaranteed to up your game.  You’ll thank me later.
    • Double Bonus:  Great for a group date too!

About the Look:

Bombers are all the RAGE!  And this one is too cute and has the perfect shade of red for Valentine’s Day.  To me, this bomber says, “Hey, I’m looking like Valentine’s but not looking like I’m trying too hard.”  And, how cute is this choker tee?  With the built-in choker, it’s one less accessory you have to worry about (Score!)  And even though you can’t see it in the picture, this choker tee is super bra friendly (Double-Score!)  Throw on a pair of super stretchy and comfortable jegging jeans with my favorite pairs of sneaks I’m obsessing over right now and you are ready for a Valentine’s Day a fun and competitive Valentine’s Day.

-XOXO Melissa

Ways to Upgrade a Boring Date NightWays to Upgrade a Boring Date NightWays to Upgrade a Boring Date NightWays to Upgrade a Boring Date NightWays to Upgrade a Boring Date Night

Jacket // Top // Jeans // Sneakers // Earrings

Photo Credit:  This Lavender Life Photography

Ways to Upgrade a Boring Date Night

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