Important Truths Every 21 Year Old Should Know

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Happy 21st Birthday!

Today is my birthday!  I’m am FINALLY 21! (Again)

It’s the 17th anniversary of my 21st birthday.  So basically, I’m Forever 21!

I LOVE birthdays!  And I honestly don’t understand why some people fear and lament them.  Birthdays truly are magic.  Everyday that you get to be on this earth, year-by-year and day-by-day, is nothing short of a blessing.

21st Birthdays and Important Truths

Life is a constant learning learn and you have your whole life to learn.  Here are a few Truths to help you along your way.

1.  Do Some Hood Rat Things

 Yes, you read correctly.  I clearly said, “Do.  Some.  Hood.  Rat.  Things.”  You need some life experiences and a good story or 2 to tell your children one day.  Do the “Hood Rat Things”, get them out of your system and move on.  Don’t wallow there, have fun and move on.

So, if you want to drink champagne from a bottle on top of a couch in a club in Vegas, do you Boo.  #nojudgement  If you later fall from said couch and sprang your ankle, [still try to] do you Boo.  #nojudgement

Just remember to keep these things in mind:   Don’t do anything that can and will get you arrested or will harm another person.

2.  Fail

Crazy, right?  But yup, you NEED to fail!  In fact, everyone needs to fail at some point in their lives.

Our whole lives we’ve been conditioned to think that failing is bad, embarrassing and sometimes disgraceful.  BUT in the right situation, failing forward is good.   Why?  Because when you fail you learn.  And when you learn, you grow.

3.  Budget

Learn to account for and save your money.  Learn to budget quick.  Learn to budget early.

I know, I know, I know!  The word, “budget” is not sexy by any means.  But lemme tell you what is sexy, being financially secure.  It’s NEVER to early or too late to begin good financial habits.  I don’t want to think about the amount of money I could have today, had I budgeted and saved from age 21.

Suggestion:  Read anything by Dave Ramsey.  I began with “The Total Money Makeover” book.

4.  Every Chance You Get Travel

Run, don’t walk to your nearest airport, train station, bus terminal or car and just go go go!

See other cultures (Do it!), speak other languages (Do it!), eat other foods (Do it!) and meet other people (Do it!).

5.  Ask For Help

I once thought that asking for help was a sign of weakness.  But in fact it’s actually a sign of strength and intelligence.

No one knows everything.  And no one has gotten to where they are today without the help of someone else.  Don’t be afraid and just ask for help.

6.  Try Something You Never Thought Was Possible  

Do you realize that your taste and interest evolve over the years???  What was a “HELL NO” last year could easily be a “HELL YES” this year.

For example:  Running.  I’ve always hated it.  Who knew I would grow to love it and go on to run a half marathon.  Don’t be afraid to revisit the “HELL NO’s” of your earlier years.

7.  Call Your Parents


Chances are, they’ve done some “Hood Rat Things” (see above) at your age.  And quite frankly, they are worried about you.

You know that saying about the apple and where it falls from the tree???

8.  Be On Time

Don’t be that person.  You know the one.  The (bleep) who is NEVER on time and who is always at least 30 mins late.

TRUTH:  I am a reformed late-a-holic.  Being on time shows that you value and respect other people and their time.

9.  Know and Accept Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Let’s get real:  You can’t be good at everything! At the age of 21, I seriously thought I had to be good at everything.

That was dumb!  You can be good at a lot of things but you can’t be good at EVERYTHING.  It’s ok to suck at something.

Remember:  Everybody has got to suck at something.

10.  Enjoy That Metabolism 

Live it up now, girl.  Live.  It.  Up!!!!!!!

Fast forward to a few years later and the picture gets a little dicey.  FULL DISCLOSURE:  You will wonder how and why do you have fat in places that you didn’t think getting fat there was even possible.  Annnnnd, I’ll just leave it at that.

Did I miss any truths???  If so, let me know.  I’d Love to hear 🙂 

-XOXO Melissa

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  • by Beth Newcomb
    Posted 03.21.2017 3:42 pm 0Likes

    Budget & call your parents!!! ?? I wish I had started budgeting at 18. Lol

  • by Kimberly
    Posted 03.21.2017 12:26 am 0Likes

    Love the travel one! Even though we have three kids, we travel a lot! We would rather spend our money traveling than anything else!

  • by Heather Brown
    Posted 03.20.2017 9:19 pm 0Likes

    Great post, I love these! p.s. you still look 21!!

  • by Dawn P Darell
    Posted 03.20.2017 8:21 pm 0Likes

    Happy birthday! You look gorgeous! Every one of these is a great tip. Especially budgeting!

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