Adorable Mutt On Sale 50% Off


July 31, is National Mutt Day!  It all started one day 7 years ago, my scruffy puppy came into my life.  An adorable mutt was on sale for 50% off…

Habitually bored at work and lonely in life, I decided it was the right time in my life for a fur baby. Unsure of what breed, I found myself (as my best friend says) “trolling for puppies” on the SPCA’s website.

O-M-G!  When I saw pictures of the most adorable big-eyed wiry mutt puppy, I knew she was the one.  “Venus” was the name the SPCA had given her and it was love at first sight.  SWOON!

Nervous that she would be adopted before I got off work, I foolishly phoned the SPCA to see if Venus could be “put on hold” until I arrived.  No Go.  That was a negative.  Heart racing and adrenaline pumping, I braved the Houston work-day traffic for my chance to meet Venus.

Standing in line to fill out the paperwork for the shot to have a 10 minute compatibility visit with Venus felt like an eternity.  Once the necessary background check was completed, it was time to meet my new potential fur baby.  When we arrived at Venus’ cage, I was informed that she was heart worm positive and was on sale for 50% off.  I love a good deal but… Oh, my!  I’ve never had a dog with heart worms.  Isn’t this pretty serious?  What does all of this mean?  Is this treatable?  A million and one questions flooded my head but when I locked eyes with Venus, suddenly it didn’t seem to matter.  I knew she was the one and we’d figure everything out.

One compatibility visit down and a few minutes later, I was at the front desk holding Venus anxiously signing paperwork to make it official.  The front desk graciously offered to hold Venus while I inscribed my John Hancock on what felt like a mountain of paperwork.  Lemme tell ya, Venus wasn’t a fan of that plan.  She instantly clung tighter to me than a wet Speedo refusing to let me put her down.  That’s how I knew she instantly loved me too.

The good news is Venus was eventually cured of heart worms and a host of other minor health issues. Looking back now, it’s so incredible to think that some higher power perfectly placed Venus and I together.  I’m so truly thankful for my on sale 50% off mutt.



For More Info on Adorable Mutts:

National Mutt Day

“National Mutt Day, also known as National Mixed Breed Dog Day, was created in 2005 by Celebrity Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate, Colleen Paige…

This special day was created to be celebrated on two dates per year to raise awareness of the plight of mixed breed dogs in shelters around the nation, to educate the public about the sea of mixed breed dogs that desperately await new homes…”

ASPCA Adoptions

If you are unable to adopt, donations are an amazing way to help out.

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