Best Friends Day 2016

Some people are blessed with just 1 great friend in their lifetime.  I have the extreme fortune of calling 4 special people my absolute Best Friends in the world.  They are some of the most magical, genuine and most amazing people you will ever meet and I’m blessed beyond belief to have them in my life.  At times, we may not talk for days or weeks but we ALWAYS pick right up where we left off.  The bond we all share has transcended decades, life events and geographical proximity.  I don’t have any biological siblings but I do have 4 best friends that I love and will always call my sisters.



Cheryl Lynn

Best Friends: Cheryl and Melissa
Best Friends: Cheryl and Melissa. Cheryl is my oldest friend at 21 years and we are still going strong!

Years of Friendship:  20 years strong!

How we met:  I was new in town and she was a referral.  Meaning, my older cousin referred us to each other as potential new friend candidates.

Funniest Moment:  OMG!  There are truly too many to list.  Just know, whenever we get together, tears of laugher are always on the menu.

Best Quality:  Her laugh!  It is sooooooo DEEP!  And, Cheryl laughs at EVERYTHING!!!  It truly is her signature.  In fact, people know Cheryl Lynn by 2 things:  1.  Her height (she’s a mere 4’10” but do not let the size fool you)  and 2.  Her laugh.

*My Grandmother and Great Aunt (both rest in peace) used to refer to Cheryl as, “my little short friend with the deep laugh?” 

Why I love her:  I can convince Cheryl to try just about ANYTHING!  She is that one friend who is down to try something crazy no matter what.

Me:  Cheryl, let’s run a half marathon in San Francisco in 10 weeks.

Cheryl:  Um, I’m not sure Mug (her nickname for me).  I haven’t even ran a 5K.

Me:  I’ve been researching online and we can do this.  Trust me, it’ll be fun!

Cheryl:  Ok!

Something Interesting:  No joke, we are allergic to EVERYTHING in life.  And, we are allergic to almost the same exact things.  It’s (pathetic) crazy.




Best Friends: Yeminjal and Melissa. Road Trip Chronicles: At this moment, Buc-ee Is one lucky guy!
Best Friends: Yeminjal and Melissa. Road Trip Chronicles: At this moment, Buc-ee Is one lucky guy!

Years of Friendship:  12 years (not counting our 1 year break-up)

How we met:  One fateful evening at CVS Pharmacy.  12 years ago, she was a struggling college student reading magazines for leisure and I might have tried to chat with her about Mary Kay.

Worst Time: That year (or so) we took a friendship break and decided we needed to see other friends (fortunately, we are both able to laugh about it now).  

Saddest Time:  When Yeminjal moved away to Atlanta just a few days after her son was born.  I remember her calling me from the road to tell me that she had officially left Houston.  It took every ounce in me not to breakdown during that phone conversation yet to express all the happiness I truly had for her because this was good for her and her new family.  Admittedly, I selfishly felt very heartbroken that my best friend was leaving and our lives would forever be changed.  I mean, NONE of this was in our Friendship Handbook and I definitely did not sign her permission slip to grow up and move 100’s of miles away from me.  Baaaaby when I tell you as soon as we hung the phone up, the flood gates opened and “The Ugly Cry” could not be contained.  Honestly, I truly believe I was able to take “The Ugly Cry” to a whole other level.  We are talking hard-down, Young and the Restless Victoria Newman, Kim Kardashian “Why Me” Ugly Cry caliber.  In short:  It was seriously UGLY!

New Level:  Accomplished

But as the saying goes, “Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans.”  God sure laughed extra hard that day.  As God saw fit, less than 6 months later, I accepted a wonderful opportunity to work for an athletic company based in (you guessed it) Atlanta, GA. Now it allows me to see Yeminjal and her family at least 2x’s/year.

Favorite Memory:  From our “Blue Couch Moments,” (not only is she my best friend, she’s also my (unlicensed) psychiatrist) to our many weekend seafood boiling parties, every time we are together a new favorite memory is created.




Best Friends: DeMya and Melissa. This picture screams "sweet but don't get it twisted," which perfectly sums up our bond.
Best Friends: DeMya and Melissa. This picture screams “sweet but don’t get it twisted,” which perfectly sums up our bond.

Years of Friendship: 11 years

How we met:  At a mutual friend’s house party and we clicked instantly.  Conversation quickly turned to competitiveness and next thing you know, DeMya and I became a force to be reckoned with in the card game of Spades.

Favorite Memory: Can a foot stabbing in Las Vegas be considered a favorite memory?  For the squeamish of heart, have no fear, I will spare you the gory details.  For those who are still curious, here are some important keywords, phrases and elements to the story that my offer some assistance:  Las Vegas, Mayweather fight weekend, High-heeled stiletto shoe, foot, dance club, blood, security, crazy cabbie, emergency room, no sleep, another crazy cabbie.

Think, the movie “The Hangover.”

Best Quality:  She’s NEVER EVER met a stranger.  Oh, and I secretly LOVE her New Jersey accent (shhhh, don’t tell her).

What I admire about her:  DeMya’s heart is HUGE and constantly over-flows with love for everyone.  Although, DeMya has accomplished so much in her professional basketball career from winning a WBNA championship to being selected as an All-Star,  nothing gives her greater joy than being a loving mother and a wonderful wife.  There’s no doubt about it, she truly loves her family.  If one day I am ever blessed to have a family of my own, I can only pray that I will the Mother that she is.



Chameka “Meek”

Best Friends: Chameka and Melissa. This kind of became our "signature" pose. You can tell who is more excited about it.
Best Friends: Chameka and Melissa. This kind of became our “signature” pose. You can tell who is more excited about it.

Years of Friendship: 2.75 years (Knocking on the 3rd year’s door) 

How we met:  “Do You Remember, the 21st Night of September?” Chameka and I met on September 21 at a mutual friend’s housewarming party.  She was a former teammate of DeMya’s that I had never met (crazy).  After a few adult beverages, I shared with Chameka a hidden talent of mine… my lack of desirability to mosquitoes.  Of course, she instantly did not believe me.  Well, I probably would not have believed me either.  The claim did sound ridiculously outrageous, plus we live in the south and everyone gets bit by mosquitoes.   Next thing you know, under a very watchful eye, I am forced to sit outside for what seemed like an eternity in humid hair days to witness the phenomenon that is me not becoming a mosquito buffet as already predicted.  Unfortunately for Chameka, I cannot say she experienced a similar successful outcome.

Saddest Time:  When my Meek was diagnosed with Cancer the 1st and 2nd time.  Both times, I was unable to be there for her in person when they delivered the news of her cancer diagnoses due to heavy work travel schedule.

Why I love her:  She is the kindest and most thoughtful person I have truly ever met.  I’ve never known anyone like her.

Something Interesting:  We have a song.  Our song is “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire.  We dance to it every year because we met on the 21st night of September.

What I admire about her:  Her extreme strength, perseverance and jovial attitude in the face of adversity.  Meek challenges herself and others to view things from a different vantage point.  She just has this uncanny way of seeing things so differently than on a basic surface level.  It’s quite an amazing trait she possesses that’s difficult for me to convey into words.

Here’s an inspiring Facebook post Meek wrote when she was first diagnosed with cancer:  Chameka Scott Facebook

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