The Best Lazy Day Ever + How You Can Have One Too!

Image of Resplendently Melissa jumping on the bed in The Best Lazy Day Ever#Lazy

Show of hands, have you ever had a day were you did not leave your house?  No need to be ashamed.  No judgement here.  I pinky promise.

If you are shy to answer, no worries I’ll answer first . . .

*proceeds to raise 2 hands and 2 feet.

Every now and then, we all need a totally “Lazy Day”.  A day to recharge and do pretty much nothing.  A day in which clothing is optional and leaving the house is frowned upon.  If you haven’t had a totally lazy day, lemme tell ya, you are missing out!  A “Lazy Day” can be good for your soul.  

The Recipe:  The Best Lazy Day

Before we get started, there are 3 ground rules we must abide by:

  1. No Aduldting – Being an adult can wait 24 hours.  Need to balance your checkbook?  It can wait.  Need to wash the dog?  It can wait.  Need to wash a load of clothes?  They can wait.
  2. No Leaving the House – This is one is super important.  With all of the technology we have at our fingertips, there’s literally an app for that.  So you really don’t need to leave the house on your Lazy Day.
  3. Wearing Decent Clothing is Optional – Got a pair of “air conditioned” holy sweatpants you can’t part from?  Put’um on and let’s do this!

Here are some of my favorite apps to help facilitate total laziness:

Favor – Need a Favor?  The Favor app almost does it all.  Need food?  Favor it.  Need Coffee?  Favor it.  Need Tampons?  Favor it.  BONUS: Receive your first Favor delivery FREE with the code: MELID27

Netflix – Netflix and Chill by yo self!  Movie and show binge watching marathons!!!!  My personal recommendations:  OITNB (Orange is the New Black) or anything Shonda Rhimes (Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder & Grey’s Anatomy).

Amazon Prime Now – Need something in 2-Hours or less?  Let Amazon Prime Now be your savior with FREE 2-Hour deliveries.  Need a last minute baby shower gift?  Amazon Prime Now.  Need dog food?  Amazon Prime Now.  Need diapers?  Amazon Prime Now.

eBay – Make money while you veg-out.

ClickList – Grocery shopping has never been easier.  Log-on to ClickList to select groceries and your preferred pick-up time.  A personal shopper will select, bag and load all of your groceries into your car.  Easy peasy!

Now if only they had a mobile car wash app . . . A girl can dream!!!!

About My Look:

In order to get the maximum mileage of your best lazy day, black leggings are an essential must when clothing optional is not an option.  I love to combine my leggings with a super soft, yet sassy tee, cotton headband and fun socks.

-XOXO Melissa

What’s your ultimate favorite #lazy app or tip????? 

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Image of Resplendently Melissa reading on the bed in The Best Lazy Day EverImage of Resplendently Melissa's computer and popcorn on the bed in The Best Lazy Day Ever Image of Resplendently Melissa catching popcorn in The Best Lazy Day Ever Image of Resplendently Melissa feet up in The Best Lazy Day Ever

Socks // T-Shirt // Headband // Leggings // Laptop Cover

Photo credit: C Wright Photography

Location: The Carter *Thank you so much for letting us shoot here!

Image of Resplendently Melissa laying on the bed in The Best Lazy Day Ever

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