I Tried an Oxygen Facial and Here’s What Happened

Who Can Relate?


Since going full-time with my blog, my days seem busier and crazier than ever.

Believe me, I’m not complaining.

In fact, I LOVE it!

The busier I get, the less time I have make to focus on myself.  I’m so guilty of ripping, running, working, handling a little bit of this and that and taking care of others that I end up neglecting myself.

Sound familiar?

why should I get an oxygen facial

Turning Over a New Leaf

Recently, I made the conscious decision to start putting myself first again.  I’m talking self care.  To kick off my new self care journey, last month I received an amazing facial from Sanctuary Spa (read about it here).  I LOVED their whole mind and body approach and my skin thanked me for it too.  It went from dull to glowing like the final movie scene from The Last Dragon.

*Just in case you have no idea what I’m referring to, Google “Last Dragon Bruce Leroy Glow”

Busy, Busy, Busy

To be honest, the day I scheduled for my customized follow up facial with Sanctuary Spa I over committed myself.  (surprise, surprise)

A 3-mile run to in the morning to greet the day, followed by emails, social media, writing, content planning and a quick run to the grocery store.  I was spread thin.  Not to mention, my parents were driving in from Oklahoma to celebrate my daddy’s birthday annnnd I had an event to attend at Henri Bendel’s later that evening as well.

Seriously, what was I thinking?

Sanctuary has me hooked on (and obsessed with) facials; however, for best results (with a traditional facial), it’s best to go home, sit and let all the good stuff (I’m talking serums and moisturizers) work their magic.  

Well, (in this instance) ain’t nobody got time for that.

With an event in a couple of hours and my daddy’s birthday celebration later that evening, I needed instant results.

Hello my new friend, the oxygen O2 facial. . .

Places to Go and People to See

Show of hands, who loves a good Hollywood Red Carpet?

*Currently, I’m raising 2 hands in the air.  And, I can neither confirm nor deny that I may or not be raising 2 feet too.  

Basically, I LIVE for awards season.

The glitz.

The glam.

The pageantry.

I’m here for ALL of it.

One of the beauty secrets I consistently hear all the stars swear by when preparing for “the red carpet” is the oxygen O2 facial.

It’s the unicorn of facials.

Meaning:  Instant results leaving you super hydrating and ready to go out.

So, do oxygen facials really work?   Let’s put them to the test.

How Does an Oxygen Facial Work?

So how does the oxygen facial produce instant results?

Personally, I’m convinced it’s either magic, witchcraft or wizardry.  Strangely when I asked my esthetician, Courtney, none of those were ever mentioned.  So weird.  Hmmmm . . .

how does an oxygen facial work

As magical as the oxygen facial is, the mechanics are simple and effective.  Over time through normal wear and tear, cleansers and even the environment, our skin becomes depleted of valuable water and moisture.  Oxygen facials build up your skin’s oxygen levels.  This instantly allows your skin to retain hyaluronic acid and other yummy products used during your facial.

are oxygen facials worth it

*Even during a “relaxing facial” I’m working*

how often can I get an oxygen facial

As If an Oxygen Facial Wasn’t Awesome Enough, Get This . . .

The oxygen machine from the full O2 facial can be used to target specific areas like the eyes, lips and to plump up fine lines.

But Wait There’s More . . .

How Often Can I Get an Oxygen Facial?

Because new skin cells develop every 28 days, they really struggle to get their shine on.  Meaning, they have a hard time rising to the top layer of skin to be seen.  Depending upon your skin care needs, a traditional facial is Ideal every 28 days (1x’s a month).

An oxygen facial is different.    Per Courtney, “you could get [an oxygen facial] done weekly.  It’s not going to hurt.  You can never over saturate your skin with hyaluronic acid.”

who are oxygen facials ideal for

Who are Oxygen Facials Ideal For?

Simple:  pretty much EVERYONE.  Even acne prone skin.  Sanctuary has specialized serums for inflamed and congested skin.

A Quick Note About Oxygen and Acne Prone Skin

Acne can usually be traced back to “inflammation or an imbalance of the skin”.  Inflammation underneath can cause a buildup of yeast.  The oxygen in the facial can aid in killing the yeast. WOW!

who should not get an oxygen facial

Who Should Not Get an Oxygen Facial?

Anyone with a pacemaker, anyone currently experiencing an active acne breakout or a cold sore on/around the mouth.  If any of the last 2 occur, no worries.  Just reschedule and enjoy the benefits another day.

Results:  What I Noticed (Instantly)

 1.  I Looked “Rested”

My skin was instantly plumper, hydrated and I looked “rested” and refreshed.  It was so crazy.  My photographer, Ronnie Izon was AMAZED!  She saw the transformation right before her eyes.

how long does an oxygen facial last

2.  Smoother Make-up Application

My make-up went on like butta.  And my skin looked amazing.  So smooth.  No dry patches.  No oily areas.  Here are some close ups of my skin after with make-up.  .

how often should I get an oxygen facial

what are the benefits of an oxygen facial


I’m a personal trainer of the skin, you have to do the diet at home


oxygen facial before and after

Aftercare & Maintenance

Any facial or spa treatment can only do so much.  In order to continue to reaping the beauty benefits from your facial, home skincare is a must.  Courtney suggest products high in antioxidants and hyaluronic acid will help to maintain your results.

Sanctuary did the heavy lifting for me.  Now it was time to do my part . . .

oxygen facial for acne

I decided to make the switch to Rhonda Allison Skincare products (available at Sanctuary Spa) for a few reasons.

I was almost out of my current skincare and I was contemplating if I was going to purchase it again.  I’d been using the same brand and formula for the past 3 years or so and I wasn’t completely satisfied with the results.  No matter how much moisturizer I used, my skin still looked parched.  I knew there had to be something better for my skin but I was nervous about switching to another brand.  What if it didn’t work?  Even worse, what if it was expensive and didn’t work?

do oxygen facials really work

After my first facial with Sanctuary Spa, I completely trusted them with my skin.  So I made the conscious decision to switch.  Courtney really listened to my concerns and recommended a skin care regime personalized for my skin.  I couldn’t wait to get home later that evening to wash my face and try out my new products.

how much do oxygen facials cost


How Much Do Oxygen Facials Cost?

The total cost for my oxygen facial was around $195.  Keep in mind that an oxygen facial is an advanced facial.  If you are looking for a more traditional facial, read more here.

Final Thoughts Worth Mentioning

I’ve been using my new Rhonda Allison skincare for about 2 weeks and I kid you not, I’ve received soooooo many compliments on my skin from random strangers.  I’ll be honest, it’s been a long time since I’ve received a compliment on my skin.  Not only am I receiving compliments, my skin feels great!  No lie.  No more random dry flaky patches on my face.  And I’m no longer as self-conscious going sans foundation.

-xoxo Melissa

how long do the results of an oxygen facial last

Additional Information:

For more information or to book a facial or spa service with Sanctuary Spa click here.

*Esthetician:  Courtney McGuire of Sanctuary Spa.  

*Thank you to Sanctuary Spa for starting me on my new skincare journey & for sponsoring this post!  And a special thanks to Courtney of Sanctuary Spa for all your knowledge (this girl knows EVERYTHING about beauty) and suggestions.

Photos by Ronnie Bliss Photography


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