Like a Boss:  The 4 Essential Apps You Need for Productivity

Essential Apps for Productivity #bossy #boss #productive

Boss Status

Working full-time and blogging is a balance.  Now, sprinkle on a little ADHD and it’s easy to see that things can get lost in the mix.  Staying super organized is more than key for me!

Getting it Done!

I wanted to blog for such a long time but didn’t have the time or the know how to do so.  And due to my busy work and travel schedule, it seemed nearly impossible.  With the help of technology, my dream of blogging became a reality and I have 4 Essential Apps to thank.

Essential Apps for Productivity and Getting Sh*z done!

Staying on Task:

  • 30/30  Set up a list of tasks and a length of time for them.  The timer will tell you when to move on to your next task. Automatic time blocking done for you.  Easy!


  • Too busy to stop and pick up lunch?  Need some bandaids from the local pharmacy?  Does your dry cleaning need to be picked up?  Do Yourself a “Favor” and download the Favor app.  BONUS:  Receive your first Favor delivery FREE with the code:  MELID27

Email Organization:

  • Boomerang:  Are you drowning in email Hell?  Meet Boomerang.  Working late?  Schedule to send your emails at a later date and time.  Waiting on a response?  Let Boomerang remind you to follow-up on an unanswered email.  Don’t have time to read an email?   Boomerang can move items in and out of your inbox until you are ready to deal with them.  Think:  email on steroids!

Everything Else:

  • Let’s be honest, Bosses don’t run to the local office supply store for printer ink.  Bosses Amazon Prime that ink (and anything else).  Through Amazon Prime (a yearly membership), you have the power to 2-day ship almost anything free of charge.  Need it overnight?  No problem.  Upgrade to overnight shipping for a nominal fee.  BONUS:  stream 1000’s of movies and shows free of charge with your Amazon Prime membership.

About the Look:

My “Bossy” look came to life in this very beautiful sitting area at The Crystal Ballroom.  It provided the absolute perfect backdrop.  *Cue a glass of scotch and a cigar.

So what do “Bosses” wear?  I chose clean lines and a not too busy color palette complimented by a powerful statement bag.  My off-the-shoulder body suit is a definite “must have” staple for this Fall and Winter season.  Please note:  I’m just going to put it out there that it will be on heavy rotation.  You will see it again.  You’ve been warned. 🙂  A choker to elongate the neck, ankle length slacks in Potter’s Clay (the “it” color of the season) and a bright beautiful gold belt.  I’m ready!  Let’s make some deals!

-XOXO Melissa

Like a Boss 4 Essential Apps to Stay BossyEssential Apps for Productivity #bossy #boss #productive www.resplendentlyliving.comEssential Apps for Productivity #bossy #boss #productive www.resplendentlyliving.comEssential Apps for Productivity #bossy #boss #productive www.resplendentlyliving.comEssential Apps for Productivity #bossy #boss #productive

Body Suit // Pants // Belt *similar* // Purse *similar* // Choker

Photography:  Jonathan Ivy Photography

Location:  The Crystal Ballroom *Thank you for the beautiful location*

What are some of your favorite Boss Apps?

Essential Apps for Productivity #bossy #boss #productive

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