I Had Lunch with Kim Kardashian West

Photo Credit: She Knows Media/BlogHer
Photo Credit: She Knows Media/BlogHer

OMG! I kinda had lunch with Kim Kardashian West!  And lemme tell you, it was AH-MAZ-ING!!!!!  I don’t want to jinx anything but . . .

*Potential new BFF Alert!* LOL

See what had really happened was . . .

I attended my first ever BlogHer16 conference in the City of Angeles and well, it lived up to everything I expected and more.  So when the chance came up to occupy the same air space as Kim Kardashian West during her keynote speech, it was an absolute no brainer.  Hell ya! Count me all-the-way in!

*Before I fall prey to the judgey side-eye look for my giddy interest in hearing Kim Kardashian West speak, lemme ask this simple question:  Why not?

Love her or Hate her, Kim Kardashian West and her brand are an undeniable juggernaut that continues to shape pop culture.  Someone as polarizing as Kimmy-Yey, deserves to be heard.  Devout Kim Haters who routinely take aim should have a seat and learn a thing or two from Kim-Yey’s savvy business sense, work ethic and mega social media presence.

*Sidenote:  How is it even possible to have 79 million Instagram followers?  I didn’t even know the Instagram app had the ability to count that high.  Seesh!

Here’s How it Went Down . . .

At T-minus 30 minutes, “Operation-Ditch-Class-Early-to-get-a-Good-Seat-to-See-Kim-Kardashian-West” commenced.  Annnnnnnnnnd, apparently everyone else and their mama had the same idea.  The line just to line-up to wait was extra RI-DIC-U-LOUS!  

Photo Credit: She Knows Media/BlogHer
Photo Credit: She Knows Media/BlogHer

After what seemed like an eternity, the doors to the ballroom swung open . . .  that’s when things got scarier than a Black Friday sale at Wal-Mart.  Folks, “Open Seating Season” was among us.  #STAMPEDE

Playing several very losing rounds of no one’s favorite game “Can I sit here? . . .  No?  This WHOLE ENTIRE table is saved (for your imaginary friends who aren’t even here yet)” quickly brought me back to my first day of high school.  Spirit unbroken and hope still alive, finally I found a friendly face and an available seat approximately 3 rows back and far far far right of the stage.  Ego slightly bruised, I scarfed down some lunch and waited in anticipation of Kim Kardashian West to take the stage.

When Kim graced the stage, she didn’t disappoint.  Poised and perfectly coiffed, she effortlessly fielded questions of her “Unapologetic Life” from a very witty Elisa Camahort Page.

Photo Credit: She Knows Media/BlogHer
Photo Credit: She Knows Media/BlogHer
What Did Kim Kardashian West Say?

Work Ethic:  Through the gossip rags, I have never heard any negative chatter of Kim Kardashian Wests’ work ethic.   In fact, it’s been refreshingly quite positive.  Having a strong work ethic begin early for Kim with stern lessons led by example from her late father, Robert Kardashian.

I always worked in dad’s office when I was in college . . . He was tough on me. I had to be at work at 8:30. Nothing was lenient. He taught me to be punctual and responsible.

“Role Model” + Kim Kardashian West:  Gasp! and clinch the pearls.  For some reason, that particular combination seems to evoke a very reflexive visceral reaction putting some in a tizzy.  How does Kim feel about her “Role Model” status?

I try to be [a Role Model]. It’s not like I think about it too much. I do what makes me happy and what I am confident doing. My message is that I don’t like labels. I want women to be confident. I support them . . .  I’m more like a “be you, be confident in you” and if you’re not, that’s okay. Just no hate, spread love.

Taking Herself Too Seriously:  Televisions today are getting bigger, wider and the HD clearer.  Constantly being in the public eye, your most exciting and most embarrassing moments are on full display for millions to watch, meme and gif.  And if you are savvy enough, you’ll parlay those moments into working for you.  Enter emojis Kimojis.

The super iconic one is my cry face on Twitter. I have the ugliest cry face ever. You just have to have a sense of humor. I have some pretty unflattering [Kimojis] coming up soon, including family members.

Being Underestimated:  Questions of ability, talent and intelligence have seemed to plague Kim Kardashian West throughout the years.

When someone underestimates me, I love to get to know them and have one conversation.  For anyone to assume it’s not a full time job to sit and create things and come up with every single blog post (3 per day), working on apps? I respect blogging so much . . . .  I don’t mind getting underestimated, but I feel for people because I understand how it can bother them . . .  My personality is that I like to prove people wrong.

Future Hopes For Her Children:  Every time a new picture of North and Saint is captured, I swear I can hear the world collectively sigh in unison.  Blessed with winning the genetic lottery, Kim’s prayer for them is more than just skin deep.

I hope they learn to understand they can do anything they want to do and to always be kind. You can’t underestimate kindness. I hope they are good people and live as normal of a life as possible…  I hope they are outspoken and follow their truths. I hope they see no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. You can get through anything . . . Learn from your mistakes and grow from that.

Photo Credit: She Knows Media/BlogHer
Photo Credit: She Knows Media/BlogHer

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