Doing Brave Sh*t I Quit My Job and I Am Happy

Annnnnd, That’s a Wrap!

Attention Everyone:  Just like the King, Melissa has officially left the building.  


Au revoir

Auf Wiedersehen



Deuces ✌🏽

Bye Felica!

i quit my job and i am happy

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you are brave and strong

To be blunt . . .

I quit my job!

Am I sad about it?  

Not at all.

Am I worried?  

Nope. #thugshrug

Was I scared? 

I was only scared for like 2.2 seconds.  And then I very quickly got over it.

To be honest . . .

I quit my job and I am happy!

my job is making me miserable should i quit

I wish I could say I left in a blaze of glory throwing papers (and small non-sharp office supplies) in the air while brazenly verbalizing each and every (and I mean every) thought and expletive I’ve managed to suppress about work injustices.  Then I would flip my hair, sharply turn on my haunches and strut out of the door.

. . . And that was just fantasy #1 . . . 

Orrrrrrr I wish I could’ve laid claim to literally twirling out of the room (Kenya Moore, Real Housewives of Atlanta style) while proclaiming “I’m gone with the wind fabulous”.  But I didn’t.  I did the “adult” thing.  I know, boooooo!

I properly submitted a 2 weeks notice to my employer.   You know the one where you write a brief but elegant letter thanking your employer for the opportunity and wishing them luck in the future.  Yup, that one.  Super boring.  Super saccharine sweet.  Spoiler Alert:  There is no dramatic story to tell about my departure.  Waaah.  And, there was no security to escort me out of the building (looking back now, that was possibly another missed opportunity, just kidding (or am I?!)  I just did my time job for the last 2 weeks and quietly phased out.  Wah, wah, waaaaah!

i quit my job to be happy

To be honest, I drug my heels for months on pulling the trigger to finally leave my job.  I think it was fear.  Fear of the unknown and fear of leaving my comfort zone.  Because of fear, I kept putting it off.  I kept talking myself out of quitting.  I would find myself saying things like, “I’ll resign when (fill in the blank).”  Or making excuses like, “It’s not that bad when my pay structure kept changing (among other things), at least I have a job.”  And etcetera, etcetera, etcetera . . . 

learn to be brave

So why did I quit (exit stage left)?

Did I leave for more money?

Nope, ***For future reference:  I can be bought.  Just not this time.

Did a competitor lure me away with the promise of righting all of the wrongs my former employer placed before me?

Nope, not this time either.

Did I leave for a better opportunity?  

HELL to the Y-E-S!!!!

how to be brave how to be strong

Spending life being unhappy, dealing with excessively unnecessary work place drama, living life on auto pilot and caring for someone you love with terminal cancer was emotionally and physically draining.  I want to make it clear that caring for Chameka was not what was ultimately draining my battery. What was draining my batter was the other stuff, the minutia (aka The Bullshit).  And when I finally took inventory and sourced the root of the my unhappiness, I found that at least 85% steamed from workplace dissatisfaction.

Although Chameka “Meek” Scott had cancer, Meek actually had quite the opposite affect.  She truly kept me sane, positive and recharged even throughout her battle.  Meek only lived 33 (short but full) years on this earth.  And in that time, she achieved a lot and touched multitudes of people with her positive and indefatigable spirit.  In January of 2018, Chameka passed away from colon cancer.  She fought long, hard and bravely for 2 1/2 years.  And in the 5 short years I was blessed to know and love Meek, my outlook on life changed for the better.  Meek taught me not to stress over the small stuff, only worry about the things that I can directly control, be grateful for how little or much you have and to live life to the fullest.

be brave and have courage

Inspired by Meek, I bravely left my job for the opportunity to be happy in life (again).

Plain and simple.

death puts life into perspective

Pretty ballsy move to quit a job for happiness, right?!  After Meek’s passing, it was a very very very easy decision to do so.  I am now officially a full-time blogger.  For the first time in about 20 years (yes, I was 5 years old when I started working LOL), I’m not working for someone.  I’m self-employed and scratching the surface on finding my happiness again.

Are you thinking of doing something brave or ballsy? (then read below)

you are braver than you think

finding happiness when you hate your job

Let’s Get Ballsy!  5 (Encouraging) Tips for Doing Something Brave

1.  Have a game plan.

Whether starting a new business, asking someone out on a date, conquering a phobia or etc, you’re going to need a plan.  Annnnnnd flying by the seat of your pants is just not a viable option for success.  When creating a game plan, it’s always helpful to visualize potential roadblocks that may come up.  Also don’t forget to visualize what future success looks like too!  Plan your work and work your plan.

2.  Don’t be afraid to try.

Venturing into the unknown is scary and change isn’t comfortable.  Hopefully by having a game plan (see above), some of the stress and fear of the unknown can be alleviated.  Also if you never try, you run the risk of being stuck in the same rut . . .  always wondering what could’ve been.

3.  Don’t be afraid to fail.

But wait, didn’t you just say, “don’t be afraid to try?”  Yes, I did.  I used to be terrified and (even worse) embarrassed of failure.  I was so worried about what people were going to say about me if and when they found out that I failed.  It wasn’t until I got over myself and learned to appreciate my failures that I began to succeed more.

Think about it this way:

Failure is like the answers to an exam.  If you pay close enough attention, your failure will tell you exactly what you need to fix in order to move forward towards success.  Remember, no one great has escaped failure.  Fail Forward.

4.  Rip off the band-aid.

Have you heard of the phrase, “analysis paralysis”?  Meaning, sometimes we spend so much time thinking and planning that we get stuck and never get around to pulling the trigger.  Sound familiar?  I’ve definitely been guilty of this (more times than I care to admit).  Act now and stoping thinking.  Just do it.  Just rip that sucker (band-aid) off.

5.  Surround yourself with positive vibes.

By positive vibes, I mean the people who are encouraging yet realistic and objective.  Those are the ones you need in your corner.  Also, don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help.  Rome wasn’t built in one day and Rome wasn’t built by one person.   You can never have too many positive vibes.


I quit my job and I am happy.

I hope you will feel inspired to do something brave.  Definitely, not saying quit your job or anything.  But hopefully you’ll be inspired to take a chance on doing something that makes you happy.

Do I know how my story will end or what will happen next?  

Absolutely not.

But I know if I never took this great leap of courage, I’d be miserable wondering what could be.

Never forget that, life is too short to be unhappy and to live afraid.  Bravery isn’t something you are born with.  Bravery is acquired over time.  You are stronger than you think.  You are braver than you think.

-xoxo Melissa

leaving a bad job

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  • by Bree Pair
    Posted 07.19.2018 10:10 am 0Likes

    Melissa!!! Congratulations. Seriously, you are brave and I’m freaking proud of you for putting your happiness first.

    You’re going to do big things girlfriend — I can’t wait to see what happens next for you.

    • by Melissa
      Posted 07.28.2018 12:16 pm 0Likes

      Breeeeeee! Thanks so much for stopping by. Whether you know it or not, you have been an inspiration for finding and following my happiness. I LOVE how you and your hubby hit the road last year. I would LOVE to hear any recommendations for places I must see.

  • by Jal
    Posted 07.18.2018 9:43 pm 0Likes

    This was so beautiful! Inspiring!
    I’m So happy and proud to see you in your glory, where you belong HAPPY! Congratulations on your future and I wait to keep hearing about it!

    • by Melissa
      Posted 07.28.2018 11:58 am 0Likes

      Thanks Jal for all of your support! I can’t wait to share new adventures. Love you!! ❤️

  • by Yadira
    Posted 05.21.2018 7:40 pm 0Likes

    Melissa! Loved loved loved your story!!! Thank you so much for sharing!! You’re so brave, and inspiring!! 💕💋

    • by Melissa
      Posted 05.22.2018 12:42 pm 0Likes

      Hey girl!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and thanks for the kind words. ❤️

  • by Steph
    Posted 05.21.2018 12:49 pm 0Likes

    OMG I’M CRYING!! THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL. YOU AND MEEK HAVE TOUCHED MY LIFE, EVEN IN SUCH A SHORT TIME… I’m caps yelling, but that’s because it’s so true… Congratulations on your big career move, you are an inspiration mama!

    • by Melissa
      Posted 05.22.2018 12:27 pm 0Likes

      Meek was so magical and it was crazy how many people she connected with. Her thinking was so clear and uncomplicated. Meek always wanted me to try blogging full-time. This will be my next adventure and I’m pretty excited about it.

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