The Best Instagram Worthy Places in Houston

Do it for the ‘Gram?

Everyone knows if it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen.  Right?!

houston mural houston graffiti park leeland avenue

Let’s Be Tourist in Our Own City?

Recently, I decided to be a tourist in my own town.   I highly recommend it.  Crazy, because I’ve been a Houstonian for (cough, cough) years.

. . . well, let’s just say a long time.

And when I think of being a “tourist”, it usually involves 2 solid prerequisites:

1.  Hopping on a plane or driving to a far off destination.

2.  Heading to a destination that I’ve never been to before.

But who needs a 747 when you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by such beauty and creativity in Houston, TX.  Everything from iconic landmarks to gorgeous murals, Houston has it all.  And being the 4th largest city in the United States and the most culturally diverse, there is NEVER a shortage of things to see, areas to explore or places to eat (but that’s a whole other post.  But while we are on the subject . . . Just know the food is sooooo de-li-ci-ous here).

Click, Click, Click and Pose. . .

Here are some of my favorite iconic and uniquely Instagram worthy places in Houston to show off our city while getting your social media pose on.

A quick note about my favs:   this list is in no means comprehensive. These are just some of my favorite places around Houston.  As I discover more Instagrammable places, I’ll make sure add them here.

Have I suggestion on a totally Instagram worthy place in Houston?

Perfect!  ‘Cause I love suggestions.  Just let me know in the comments below.

-xoxo Melissa


Instagram Worthy Places in Houston

The Murals

roots the salon montrose richmond avenue houston texas

roots the salon montrose richmond avenue houston texas murals


Address:  Roots the Salon, 1407 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006

Located on the side of Roots the Salon, I stumbled upon this mural one day while out for a morning jog.  This mural is part of a of a larger Aztec themed mural.  There are about 3 different scenes.  You could literally take 3-4 different pictures for each scene.



graffiti park buddha leeland street houston texas

HAPPY BUDDHA by Rob DiTeodoro

Address:  Graffiti Park, 2102 Leeland St, Houston, TX 77003



sugar and cloth color wall greenstreet fannin houston tx


Address:  GreenStreet, 1201 Fannin St, Houston, TX 77002  (next to Forever 21)

Getting to this wall can be a little tricky but not impossible.  And parking can be a little nightmare-ish.  Because of this and its popularity, I would suggest getting there early in the morning to take pictures. #SugarandClothColorWall

*Sadly, this wall closed October 2018



biscuit paint wall westhiemer montrose houston texas instagram worthy places in houston

BISCUIT PAINT WALL by Sebastien Boileau

Address:  (formerly) Biscuit Home Store, 1435 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006

Located on the side of the former Biscuit Home Store in Montrose, the Biscuit Paint Wall is iconic.  Due to the popularity of this wall, I would suggest getting there early.  Although the store has relocated, there are still visible cameras for surveillance.  #BiscuitPaintWall



harolds restaurant bar terrace 19th street heights houston texas


Address:  Harold’s Restaurant & Tap Room, 350 W 19th St, Houston, TX 77008

This wall is located on the side of Harold’s in their parking lot.  What you can’t see in the picture are the cars that are literally parked about a foot away.  So shooting this wall can be a little challenging depending upon how many cars and what size are the cars parked in the lot.

Here’s how we shot this wall:  At an angle (not straight on), portrait (not landscape) and cropped as 8 x 10.  Waalaa, no cars!



lululemon city center houston texas


Address:  Lululemon Store, 800 Town and Country Blvd #100, Houston, TX 77024

This wall is actually not painted.  It’s completely tile.  How cool is that?!!!  In terms of shooting this wall, I’d definitely say it’s pretty easy.



sugar and cloth color steps greenstreet fannin houston tx


Address:  GreenStreet, 1201 Fannin St, Houston, TX 77002  (across from Forever 21 and the Sugar & Cloth Paint Wall)

Ok, if you managed to find the Sugar and Cloth Paint Wall (I believe in you and I know you can), than finding the Sugar and Cloth Color Steps will be a walk in the park.  It is literally across from the Color Wall.  As suggested above, get there early (like in the morning) to take pictures.  This is a popular location and can get a little congested as the day rolls on.   #SugarandClothColorWall

*Sadly, these steps closed October 2018



one less thing dry cleaning leeland street houston texas


Address:  One Less Thing Dry Cleaning, 2104 Leeland St, Houston, TX 77003

Located directly across the street (catty-corner) to the Houston Graffiti Park.



the secret group club polk street houston texas


Address:  The Secret Group,  2101 Polk St, Houston, TX 77003



reeves antiques taft street montrose houston texas


Address:  Reeves Antiques:  2415 Taft St, Houston, TX 77006

Since 1969, Reeves Antiques has been anything but boring.  This whole building is fun.  Not just “Groovy” and “Pink”, each side of building offers a different color palette with the same psychedelic feel.



graffiti park zipper wall leeland street houston texas white boots

graffiti park zipper wall leeland street houston texas

ZIPPER WALL by Kelly Graval

Address:  Mercy Night Club, 2102 Leeland St, Houston, TX 77003

Looking at this picture, I just noticed that well . .  there’s no “zipper” in this particular picture.  Ugh (face palms forehead).  Trust me, there’s a large zipper on the wall.  You can’t miss it (but apparently, I did).



2119 dallas street houston tx 77003


Address:  2119 Dallas Street Houston, TX 77003

Funny story, this is a random building in the vicinity of Houston’s Graffiti Park.  Not sure what the name of the business is but look at the art.  It deserved to be photographed.



The Landmarks

buffalo bayou park cisterns sabine street houston texas

buffalo bayou park cisterns sabine street houston texas downtown view


Address:  105 Sabine Street Houston, TX 77007

Want to capture Houston’s beautiful skyline in your photo?  One of my favorite and not as discovered views, can be obtained on top of the Buffalo Bayou Cisterns or on the ramp (where this was taken).  I would suggest arriving early (good morning) to take your pictures.  This place can fill up fast depending on the time and the day of the week.  Oh and while you are there, sign up to take a tour of the Cisterns.  It’s pretty bad ass and not to be missed!  You’ll thank me later.



broadacres subdivision south boulevard houston museum district houston texas


Address:  Broadacres neighborhood, 1301-1501 South Blvd, Houston, TX 77006

Ok, so this cozy neighborhood is suuuuuuper famous for pictures; however, there’s recently been a little d-r-a-m-a in regards to taking pictures on the streets and on the esplanades of this Museum District neighborhood.  In the end, the city of Houston had the final say and it’s game on for photo shoots.  JUST REMEMBER, please be respectful of the residents.  Don’t block the streets, don’t block the esplandes, don’t bring a couch and a jeep and pose with it on the grass (real life, that actually happened).  Just be kind and courteous.



rothko chapel the menil collection houston texas


Address:  3900 Yupon St, Houston, TX 77006

Located on the grounds of The Menil art museum, you’ll find The Rothko Chapel.  The Rothko Chapel is welcoming to all religions, races and beliefs.



mcgovern centennial gardens hermann Park friendship pavilion houston texas

mcgovern centennial gardens hermann celebration garden houston texas

mcgovern centennial gardens hermann esplanade houston texas


Address:  *Inside Hermann Park, 1500 Hermann Dr, Houston, TX 77004

Hands down.  No question.  The McGovern Centennial Gardens is my favorite park in Houston.  The Centennial Gardens are located across the street from the Houston Museum of Science inside Hermann Park.  The gardens has sooooooo many places to take beautiful pictures.  Choose from the fountains, or the rose garden, or the arid garden or the pergolas, and more.  Truly, you could be there for a few hours just taking beautiful snaps.  Parking is free in the lot and metered on the street.



sabine street bridge buffalo bayou park houston texas


Address:  Buffalo Bayou Across from the Cisterns (In between Memorial Drive and Allen Parkway) Closest address is Marquis Lofts 150 Sabine Street Houston, TX 77007

Another great way to capture Houston’s downtown skyline in a photo is from the Sabine Street Bridge.  Located across the street from the Buffalo Bayou Cisterns, the Sabine Street Bridge is an iconic Houston photo moment.  Snap a picture here then move across the street to take your picture (on the ramp) on top of the Cisterns at the Barbara Fish Daniel Nature Play Area and Picnic Pavilion.

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Do you know the Top Instagram Worthy Places in Houston, Texas? See if your favorite mural or iconic landmark made the list. #houston #texas #instagram #murals #artwalls

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