Link Lovin’ Aug. 12, 2016

Link Lovin’ Aug. 12, 2016

Link Lovin' Aug. 12, 2016 Los Angeles Rose and the Olympics

Link Lovin' Aug. 12, 2016 Los Angeles Hollywood Sign

What’s Shakin?  “Back to Life, Back to Reality…”  Do you remember that song by Soul II Soul?  Well, that’s exactly how I feel this week after leaving La La Land (aka The City of Angeles, aka Los Angeles).  Where do I begin?  I’ll start here:  I friggin’ LOVE Cali!!!  The weather, the people, the style and the scene.  I seriously could move there tomorrow except one small detail… no job.  And being broke in Cali is completely different than being broke in Houston, TX.  It’s a new type of broke that I’m just not ready to EVER experience at this stage in my life.  I need my cushiony creature comforts.  The Olympics have been full steam ahead and as you can in the pic, I like to watch my Olympics with a glass of Rose.  #teamusa

Links of the Week:  

  • If you know me, you know that I love my sweet scruffy baby Venus annnnnnnd I LOVE a good patio!  Here are 10 great Houston patios for puppies and patrons.
  • The White House has a Spotify account, so why don’t you???  I’m super digging the new official Spotify Summer POTUS White House playlist.
  • Need a new Mother Daughter bonding activity?  Here’s 21 permanent ways to bond with Mommy.
  • I LOOOOOOVE Gold!!!!!  So Sorry, I caught a flash back of Austin Powers’ Goldmember.  With all of the gold medals that Team USA is steady collecting, I’ve been wondering what are the Olympic gold medals really made of???  Is it really all gold?
  • Stop, Drop and Hit’um with that BLOCK!  Cyber-bullies beware because Instagram ain’t playing no more!  New feature coming to a device near you.






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