The Mulligan Approach to My New Year’s Goals

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Happy (Belated) New Year!

The new year is here.  I am always excited and feel blessed to see another year.  The New Year always brings such hope and promise.  But with the hope and promise there’s always the dreaded “New Year’s Resolutions.”

UGH!  Just the sound of those three words together in that particular order makes me cringe.  It’s the time of year when we say and do the absolute most about what we “resolve” to do going forward.  As if the last 365 days of last year didn’t mean anything.  Never wanting to be a slave to an unrealistic and unachievable goal, I typically resolve to do practically nothing.

But, this year is different.  This year, I’m taking “The Mulligan Approach to My New Year’s Goals.”

What’s a Mulligan? Fore!

What’s a “Mulligan”?  Quite simply, a mulligan is a do-over in golf terms.  Since I typically resolve to not resolute for the new year, I think now is a good a time to take a mulligan.

In setting my new goals, here are a few goals I promise not set:

  • Loose weight:  with the way my metabolism is set up.  Not going to be able to commit to that.  Who are we kidding?  Let’s not do that.
  • Stop drinking:  Annnnnnnnnd, you can miss me on that one too.  Not gonna happen.  FYI:  I may or may not be enjoying a rather large glass of wine right now as I struggle to type with one hand.  *None of this I can neither confirm nor deny.

Now that’s out of the way, here are my more realistic resolutions . . .

My 5 Totally Do-able Resolutions

No “2016”

  • I pledge to not slip up and write “2016” on anything.  Current Status:  Currently I’m batting 1000 on this!  Boom!

Do the Impossible:  Fold a fitted sheet

  • Who can really do this?  Strangely enough, my mommy can.  ANNNNNND, she’s damn good at it too!  Not sure how she does it but it quite simply may be “Mommy Magic”.

Become a Life Saver

  • When it comes to CPR, I definitely need a refresher course.  I’m embarrassed to admit that it’s been many many many many moons since I’ve taken a CPR course and I’m long over due.  In the meantime, anyone please DO NOT stop breathing around me.  I am not prepared (but I will be).  I repeat, I am not (yet) prepared!

Limits of “Need”

  • The word “need” is so powerful.  “Need” implies that I am without something.  I am blessed beyond belief and there’s not a lot that I truly “need” in my life.  9 times out of 10 you already have everything that you “need” in your life.  Often times we mistakenly use “need” as a replacement for “Want”.  2017 I will speak from a place of having by limiting my use of the word “Need”.

Attitude of Gratitude

  • I am continuing to work on my Attitude of Gratitude in 2017 by writing in my Gratitude Journal each night.  How does a Gratitude Journal work?  Super Simple:  Write down 5 Things you are truly grateful for each day (example:  running water, financial bills and etc.)

*Grateful to Pay Bills?!!!  Crazy, right?  See why here.

About the Look:

90% of the time you will catch me running around in some sort of “athleisure” outfit and sneakers.  And this outfit is no exception to the rule.

Comfortable meets cute.  Gold sweater with side zip details (not shown), my favorite faux leather leggings and the most comfortable sneakers.  Top it all off with a bold bid necklace and I’m ready for running errands and drinks with my peeps.

-XOXO Melissa

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Sweater (Similar) // Shirt (Layer) // Leggings // Necklace (Similar)// Sneakers

Photo Credit:  Jonathan Ivy Photography 

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