The Wrap Up Vol 3

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Out of state moves and important lessons learned during a southern’s first snow in this week’s the wrap up vol 3


Hello from OKC (Oklahoma City)!  After parting ways with H-Town (Houston, TX), I am now an official resident of the great state of Oklahoma.  And as an official resident of less than 1 month, I’m happy to report “so far, so good”.  The pace is a lot slower and the weather is more diverse, but these are all welcome changes.  And I must admit, it’s pretty nice to be closer to my parents too.

And speaking of weather . . .

Ups, Downs & All Arounds


I survived my first Oklahoma snow.  I woke up and everything was covered in a blanket of white.  It was beautiful.


“And with great snow comes great responsibilty . . . “

Responsibility that I just wasn’t prepared to have.  And if my first snowfall was a test, I failed (miserably).  Here’s what I didn’t know about when it snows:  1.  Freeze Alerts = Drippy Faucets.  Mental note:  next time, don’t accidentally use hot water for overnight dripping.  Ugh, my poor electricity bill.  2.  Knitted Uggs and Wet Snow Don’t Mix.  Wet feet, anyone?  *adds waterproof snow boots to her online shopping list.  3.  Ice Scrapers are a Necessity.  Period.  4.  Keep that Pantry and Fridge Full.  Thank God I had just made a grocery store run.  I guess I (accidentally) got at least one thing right.

& All Arounds

Currently practicing shouting “Thunder Up” for future Oklahoma City Thunder games.  Now, can someone tell me exactly what “Thunder Up” means?  Ok, thanks!


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And that my friends is a wrap!

-XOXO Melissa

mcgovern centennial gardens hermann esplanade houston texas

Photos by:  Lauren Williams & De’Zell Mathews

Photo Editing by:  Yours Truly (Melissa Drake)

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