The Wrap Up Vol 5

Home Sweet Home(s)

I’m back home-ish, finally getting my sh*t together, mother of all dragons and drones and doing more brave sh*t in this month’s The Wrap Up vol 5.

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Hello from the road!  As I write this, I’m in a in bed in a hotel room in Lake Charles, LA.  I am responsibly putting myself to bed while my super spunky senior citizen parents are catching their second wind dipping out to head to the casino floor below. #retiredlife

Since my parent’s retired, it’s been a real blessing to be able to spend time and travel with them.  Last month all 3 of us were together in Paris and this month, we are taking the show to San Antonio with stops in H-Town (my previous home) and Lake Charles, LA (where I grew up as well).

Have you noticed the new Resplendently Living on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram???  Well guess what?  I finally got my sh*t together on social media (let’s all rejoice).  So please follow along for more travel tips and inspiration. Each platform offers something a little different.  So here’s what to expect:

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Ups, Downs & All Arounds


First and foremost, today is my mommy’s birthday.  This little spunky senior (see picture above) is turning *cough, cough* years old today.  Please enjoy this picture of her at Notre Dame Cathedral communing with the birds of Paris.

This month was to be my 1st solo trip ever and I was headed to Belize.  But due to a pesky sinus infection, traveling was not an option.  It’s such a shame because I had sooooooooo many Belize puns lined up for y’all.

Here’s a sample: “This trip is so un-Belize-able”  I could continue, but I won’t.

This is what my itinerary looks like for my NEW 1st solo trip:

✈️  LA –> Fiji –> New Caledonia.  Let’s go!

Mama (me) got a drone.

So please refer to me as Khaleesi, “Mother of all Drones.”  LOL


Notre Dame Cathedral caught on fire.  I was literally just there (to the day) with my parents the month before.

Notre Dame Cathedral is 835 years old and dates back to the middle ages.  It’s also the home to Point Zero,.  Point Zero is the place were Paris and the country of France are thought to have originated from.

& All Arounds

Working on a fun, kick ass project with High Five Media and I cannot (I repeat) I cannot wait to share it with you.

Stay tuned .  .  .


And the party don’t stop with Maui, Hawaii .  .  .

Essential Guide:  Planning a Trip to Maui

Hawaii:  Top 18 Must Do Things in Maui

Cinco de Mayo is upon us.  So drink up my friends.  Before doing so, here’s (2) of my absolute favorite, delicious and easy to make crowd-pleasing margarita recipes.

How to Make a Damn Good Spicy Jalapeno Margarita

Best 5 Ingredient Fresh Watermelon Margarita

On the Internet

Are you watching Game of Thrones?  I literally just subscribed to HBO GO just for Game of Thrones.

So my question is:

Who do you want to sit on the iron throne???  I pulling for Arya or Denarys #girlpower

Netflix binging has been at an all-time high (not embarrassed).  I finished Special (quick watch each episode is 15-20 mins), The Santa Clarita Diet, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Umbrella Academy and Selling Sunset (just as catty as Million Dollar Listing but prettier).

Interesting Reads

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly . . . The Best and Worst Airlines List

Residents want to install gates to keep Instagrammers out.  “Instagram Famous” places.  How do you feel???

Enormous lobster claws at Costco.  So . . . how big was the lobster??? 🦞


And that my friends is a wrap!

-XOXO Melissa

things wine snobs say

Photos by:  De’Zell Mathews & Swish Click Photography

Photo Editing by:  Yours Truly (Melissa Drake)

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