Zaza Heated Picnic in the Park

Zaza Heated Picnic in the Park


Question: What do you get when you combine my favorite hotel with my favorite park?
Answer: Pure bliss with a pinch of child-like nostalgia!

Hotel Zaza (Houston, TX) has found another way to bring a smile to my heart with their “Picnic in the Park” package. Situated just north of Hermann Park, in Houston’s Museum District, the stately Hotel Zaza sits on Main Street offering picturesque views of the Mecum Fountains. Formerly the historic Warwick Hotel (originally opening in the 1920’s), the Hotel Zaza has easily become the luxury boutique hotel of Houston.

During a recent Hotel Zaza staycation, we happily discovered Hotel Zaza offers a memorable “Picnic in the Park” package. Hmm, should we indulge in a Chef prepared picnic meal and the opportunity to explore gorgeous Hermann Park??? (Hand raised) “Yes, please!”

Within walking distance to Hotel Zaza, the Centennial Green of the McGovern Centennial Garden in Hermann Park was easily selected as the perfect picnic spot. Created in 2014 to commemorate Hermann Park’s centennial, the McGovern Centennial Garden now lies on the former site of the Houston Garden Center. As you enter the gates of the Centennial Garden you are instantly transported to another realm. A realm that immerses you in beds of roses, lanes of gorgeous flora (sans the fauna), majestic fountains and statues of Confucius and Martin Luther King Jr.


Entrance to the beautiful McGovern Centennial Gardens at Hermann Park (Houston, TX)
Although our picnic was heated, I did get a chance to take in some sun.


Brace yourself, here comes the reality…

Let’s be honest guys. Let’s be super honest… It. Was. Hot! Like really really hot! Seriously, who are we fooling! That sun was so unforgiving and a little disrespectful. After we painstakingly laid our picnic spread on the lawn and took our place to enjoy nature and the wonderful food, we sat down and had an amazing picnic. Ha! Just kidding! Did I mention it was hot???!!! Soooooo with perspiration dripping from every possible sweat gland on my body, we waved the white flag and happily retreated to the shade to finish our cuisine.

*Unfortunately our plans of utilizing the mini train and pedal boat tickets were a casualty of the heat as well.

So what’s in the basket? Here’s the dets…

Hotel Zaza's "Picnic in the Park" Package offers a yummy spread for its hotel guests.
Hotel Zaza’s “Picnic in the Park” Package offers a yummy spread for its hotel guests. A signature Hotel Zaza lawn throw and lunch for two: Sandwich/wrap (4 choices available), chips, Fiji waters and condiments. All packed in a super cute basket by Zaza’s Chef Jonathan Wicks.  Now enter the nostalgia… Zaza’s “Picnic in the Park” package also comes with (2) tickets to Hermann Park mini train and the pedal Boats and Zaza kite.


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